AIMIRIM's AI-based industrial robot OPPER helps achieve greater efficiency in processes while also reducing operating costs for various industries like boilers, dryers, packers, furnaces and data centers. Helps reduce the consumption of the resources, such as chips, sugarcane bagasse, hexane, caustic soda, energy, among many others. Usecase : OPPER is the virtual operator of AIMIRIM used to increase the efficiency of an industrial boiler. This boiler is used in agribusiness (soy) and is the heart of the company. With the use of OPPER it was possible to reduce by approximately 8% of chip consumption, which represents a great financial gain in operational cost and a great reduction of environmental impact. A reduction in consumption of approximately 223 tonnes of chip per month (equivalent to 1486 trees). With this innovative AIMIRIM technology, industrial boiler operators have been able to focus on other plant problems, which also helps reduce maintenance costs.

*Please note that member solutions are often customizable to meet the needs of individual enterprise end users.



  • Different Data Input
    Opper collects data from different correlated variable in the industrial plant to define the normal operation condition (NOC).
  • Online Comparison & Outlier identification
    The data is compared frequently to the input from the process data to determine weather a statistically significant shift in the process occurred that could indicate unusual process behavior.
  • Benefits
    It guarantees greater process efficiency, reducing operating costs. Reduce input consumption, such as chips, sugarcane bagasse, hexane, caustic soda, energy, among others.


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