Accubits EMOTYX

Accubits EMOTYX

Accubits EMOTYX is designed as a computer vision and AI platform to enable real-time video analytics for surveillance and generate emotion based business analytics from analyzing crowds in a facility. The advanced AI engine enables us to monitor people, detect their position, analyse their emotion, do facial analytics and count the number of people moving in and out of an area that is in the visual range of any camera connected to a central server. Currently EMOTYX has the capability to go live on nearly 200+ cameras based on the computing capabilities offered by any facility. The versatility of the platform comes from the fact that it can be custom made to client requirements. Computing resources as well as use cases may differ and the system can be scaled up or scaled down based on these aspects. EMOTYX is aimed at accelerating productivity, revenue and customer satisfaction in a business by empowering their insights through artificial intelligence and machine vision.

*Please note that member solutions are often customizable to meet the needs of individual enterprise end users.



  • Highly optimized machine vision algorithm makes EMOTYX near real time and scalable. It's very modular in design where modules such as cameras can be plugged in on the fly
    Data Analytics Emotion recognition Detecting humans Business intelligence 
  • Emotyx can be plugged into existing CCTV infrastructure for on-premise real-time video analysis. Its easy to deploy and one can view results from the day one. Moreover, It can be easily integrated with existing VMS softwares.
    Can be plugged into IP camera video infrastructure Can be plugged into recorded video infrastructure Integrates with most VMS softwares API services for custom integration with CRMs
  • Emotyx can be easily scaled to meet business's video analytics requirements.
    From single camera to tens of hundreds of cameras, single camera surveillance to combined-camera surveillance On-demand Video Analytics Multi-camera Combined Surveillance Inter-location customer analytics and tracking


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