A2IoT Real-Time Sound Analytics for Manufacturing

A2IoT Real-Time Sound Analytics for Manufacturing

Asquared IoT’s Equilips 4.0 offers an embedded artificial intelligence (AI) solution powered by Intel architecture that works with virtually any manufacturing infrastructure—whether legacy or new. By embedding machine learning models, Asquared eliminates the need for any network communication or external computing infrastructure. Equilips 4.0 is based on innovative sensing technologies using non-touch, non-intrusive sensing methods such as audio and visual analytics. As a result, the solution can be easily and cost-effectively retrofitted to any machine. With Asquared IoT, manufacturers can convert legacy machines into smart machines and generate the data for increased visibility into production lines, proactive maintenance, improved decision-making, and operational efficiency.

*Please note that member solutions are often customizable to meet the needs of individual enterprise end users.



  • Non-touch, non-intrusive sensing
    Innovating sensing technologies, based on audio-visual analytics, are non-touch, non-intrusive in nature and thus easy to deploy quickly on any machine without any interruption in the operation. It can also be easily retrofitted to older machines.
  • Edge Computing
    Machine learning tasks are run locally in an embedded fashion, which eliminates the need for communication and any cloud infrastructure. This also means there are no concerns about data privacy and security


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