Intel AI Builders - September Highlights

What’s New

Intel Innovation

Intel Innovation

Intel Innovation is our new virtual technical/developer conference taking place October 27-28! The event will include expert training on technologies and tools highlighting topics such as AI, edge, 5G, cloud, client, and more.

The Intel Enterprise AI Demo Showcase will feature, iExec, Infosys, LTTS, Neural Magic, SAS, Subtle Medical, and many more partners illustrating the amazing work they are doing with Intel to drive enterprise innovation today. Watch videos, read tutorials, and connect in real time with experts from the companies that are creating the solutions of tomorrow.

The Intel® AI Builders program is an enterprise ecosystem of industry leading independent software vendors (ISVs), system integrators (SIs), original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), who have a shared mission to solve their customers’ business problems by providing relevant AI solutions on Intel technologies. We’re proud to be 400 members strong and thank our many partners who are solving enterprise challenges using Intel technology.

AI Builders Member Spotlight


Text Inferencing Runs Faster with OpenVINO Toolkit: Seassoon’s Intelligent Pre-Screening System

Seassoon provides a text detection solution that enables cognitive decision-making to improve customer service efficiencies on a CPU-only platform. Read how utilizing Intel Optimizations for PyTorch and Image Detection enabled Seassoon to achieve 3X faster inferencing and avoid the need for a more costly and complex GPU solution.


Matroid CPU Model Optimizations Run 6.1X Faster

Optimizing Matroid’s Similarity Search object detection model for Intel Xeon Scalable processors achieved Matroid’s required throughput benchmarks. This opened new doors for Matroid to offer their customers more flexible and possibly lower cost services. Previously, Similarity Search only ran on discrete and dedicated GPUs.

Conversations in the Cloud

New Conversations in the Cloud Podcast Episodes

Listen to the latest podcasts from our Intel® AI Builders partners to stay up to date on what’s happening in AI today:

The Future of Robotic Process Automation – Perpetuuity

Behind the Massive Scale Required for Content Recommendation – Taboola

Nia DocAI Unlocks Business Value Optimizing Document Processing – EdgeVerve

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What Members Are Saying


“Our collaboration with Intel AI Builders has literally saved us years of development, in terms of human effort. We have massive datasets for different programming languages and one of the areas we were really struggling is the time it would take to validate or try out a hypothesis for an algorithm, in one case as long as a week. When we joined AI Builders we were thinking the best performance increase we could get was about 30%, but we gave it a shot and our expectation was blown away because we got a 2.3X improvement in our training performance which means we can now train our model on large language data sets. Thanks to this we have been able to expedite our research and development and are absolutely indebted to Intel and the AI Builders program.”

Vishal Rai
Cofounder & CEO

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AI Superstream Series: Scaling AI

AI Superstream Series: Scaling AI

Scaling AI is a notoriously difficult challenge. But it’s easier when you see what’s worked for others—and what hasn’t. This half-day virtual event brings together AI and machine learning engineers from across industries to show how they approach scaling at every stage of the project lifecycle.

Watch the replay to see Spence Green from Lilt and PayPal’s Venkatesh Ramanathan discuss AI automation and graph neural networks.


The Total Economic Impact of Intel AI

Forrester Total Economic Impact Study

Intel provides both hardware and software for enterprises to use in building and deploying their AI solutions. Read this Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ study to discover the benefits your organization can realize by deploying Intel AI technologies – including time savings, cost savings and interoperability efficiencies.

New Members

Please welcome our newest members to the Intel® AI Builders program. Head on over to the Intel® AI Builders member gallery to view the full membership list.