Intel® AI Builders Newsletter August 2020

What’s New?

Intel and O’Reilly present “Meet the Experts”

Meet The Experts

Join us for a new “Meet the Experts” series from Intel and O’Reilly. Each event will feature three short back-to-back presentations from Intel partners across a variety of industries. You will learn how companies are solving real world business problems for these industries across AI workloads, and how enterprise customers are using these solutions in market today.

August 26, 9AM Pacific — Meet the Experts: Banking, Finance and Insurance with presentations from our partners Avaamo, Arya and Seldon.

September 17, 6PM Pacific — Meet the Experts: Healthcare with presentations from our partners JLK Inspection, Huiying Medical and Presagen.

November 17 — Meet the Experts: Energy, Telecom, and Manufacturing.

Complimentary subscriptions to this event series and O’Reilly online learning available on a first-come, first-served basis.
Please reach out to Arlen Reyes for details.


New Intel on AI Podcast Episodes

Intel on AI

AI Builders Member Spotlight

SAS & Cisco

SAS & Cisco

Finding the Right AI Solution:
A Guide for IT Management

As interest in adopting AI grows, there are real implications for IT leaders who may not be operating with a robust roadmap for successfully implementing, operating and managing AI. This white paper examines insights of global technology executives at SAS, Cisco and Intel and the key elements to operationalize successful AI applications at scale.



Leveraging Intel AI to Seamlessly Pre-screen Candidates

ROOM, a SaaS-based hiring and talent acquisition platform, helps companies increase the level of objectivity, ensure that the best candidate is selected for the job, and remove unconscious bias in the hiring process. Using Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, training performance was notably improved, resulting in faster training and time to deployment.

What Members Are Saying


"Matroid has been part of the Intel® AI Builders program almost since its inception in 2018. We pride ourselves on being able to help enterprises deploy computer vision detectors quickly and easily, on our customer's premises or in the cloud.

We are happy to see the Intel team was able to leverage Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and AVX-512 instructions embedded into TensorFlow to deliver the performance that we needed for inference on some of our more commonly deployed detectors. This result provides our customers with a viable alternative hardware infrastructure for deploying this detector.

Further, with the latest BFLOAT16 instructions on the latest 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, the Intel team has been able to deliver a new level of performance which we are eager to take to our customers who have Xeon processors deployed en masse."

CEO of Matroid
Adjunct Professor at Stanford University


Intel AI Software Guide

Intel AI Software Guide

The Intel® AI Analytics Toolkit (powered by oneAPI) provides high performing Python libraries for data analytics and machine learning and Intel-optimized versions of deep learning frameworks including TensorFlow* and Pytorch* to streamline end-to-end data science and AI workflows. This toolkit makes it easier for developers and data scientists to obtain Intel’s latest analytics and AI optimizations in one place and ensures the software works seamlessly with one another and with other Intel oneAPI toolkits to support additional capabilities for Intel CPUs and discrete accelerators.

Learn about key Intel-optimized AI software offerings that can help your organization accelerate time-to-insight with machine learning and deep learning, using Intel hardware.


Webinar Series on the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ Toolkit

Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ Toolkit

If you’re looking to sharpen your technical skills, get expert answers to specific questions, or dive into an entirely new area of development, these FREE webinars can help. Attend them live or view archived webinars on demand.

New Members

Please welcome our newest members to the Intel® AI Builders program. Head on over to the Intel® AI Builders member gallery to view the full membership list.

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Data Center Insights from Intel

Join us and our partners for a series of data-centric webinars covering topics including AI, analytics, cloud, and more. Check out the Intel channel to see all of the upcoming webinars.

August 20, 8AM Pacific
This webinar featuring Intel® AI Builders member H2O will be a step-by-step guide for how to easily transform your company into an AI company.

October 22
Spark XG Boost will share the performance gains captured and ease-of-use realized in implementing end-to-end data analytics solutions on Intel® Xeon® processors.

Strata Data AI

Strata Data & AI Superstream: Natural Language Processing

October 27
Machines that can converse with humans are no longer science fiction; they’re here, and they’re in production.

Get up to speed on what’s possible today—systems that understand human language, answer questions, summarize large bodies of documents, and use that information to solve problems.


On Demand Webinar: End-to-End Machine Learning Pipelines in Minutes with Paperspace

Paperspace Gradient brings effortless infrastructure and lifecycle management to machine learning pipelines. Machine learning teams that use Gradient deploy more models from research to production by taking advantage of dramatically shorter development cycles. In this presentation we will demonstrate how an end-to-end machine learning pipeline can be constructed in minutes to support a state-of-the-art bacterial classifier. The technology demo features the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit and other AI accelerated instruction available on modern Intel CPUs.


On Demand Webinar: The Power of the AI Ladder with IBM Cloud Pak for Data System

The IBM Cloud Pak for Data System is an Intel-based hybrid cloud data and AI platform delivering an information architecture for AI. With IBM Cloud Pak for Data System, you can unlock the value of all your data on a unified, cloud-native platform to automate how your organization turns data into insights. IBM Cloud Pak for Data enables you to collect, organize, analyze, and infuse your data and AI to generate business insights. Intel has added a number of add-on software packages to go with IBM Cloud Pak for Data that are optimized for Intel® architecture, saving customers time in configuring and tuning software for your workloads. These add-ons are free and available as containers from the IBM Cloud Pak for Data library. They offer excellent performance and can be implemented quickly on Intel architecture.