Founded in early 2015 by a visionary team including Academy Award winning VFX innovator James Jacobs, Ziva Dynamics equips artists and engineers with the tools to make virtual characters with greater realism, at scale. The company's groundbreaking software can simulate soft-tissue materials such as muscles, fat, cartilage, and skin, and embed real-world physics in every creation. By mirroring the fundamental properties of nature, users achieve CG characters that move, flex, and jiggle just as they would in real-life.

Industry leaders such as Double Negative, Scanline VFX, Rising Sun Pictures, and Sony Imageworks can be found using Ziva technology to advance their character pipelines and create their signature breathtaking results. As the adoption of Ziva technology expands, users are continually discovering additional applications for the technology in their productions and reels, including the simulation of volume-conserving inanimate objects or creating highly dynamic, single volume characters for feature animations.

Now, Ziva Dynamics is evolving the technology to let creators more easily accomplish their robust soft-tissue results for all forms of digital media. The team is working to accelerate and automate significant portions of the character simulation process, all within one seamless Ziva platform. This goal is already beginning to eventuate with the recent breakthroughs in machine-learned anatomy warping and transferring scripts. These new tools are empowering creatives to take any Ziva anatomy and create more, better, faster.

Ziva VFX

Ziva VFX is Ziva's flagship product offering. Sold as an Autodesk Maya plugin, the proprietary technology extends Maya's functionality to include the most comprehensive commercially available tool-set designed specifically for simulating elastic soft tissue and physics. Ziva VFX alleviates the demanding shot sculpting and tweaking associated with traditional rigging methods, and has been adopted by the world's foremost VFX studios to improve their character pipelines.

Ziva Characters

Alongside Ziva VFX, users can leverage a range of lifelike, simulation-ready characters created by the Ziva Team. These virtual characters, better known as Ziva Anatomy, are fully anatomical, dynamic quadrupeds and bipeds that can be fed directly into any existing film or game character pipeline. All of Ziva Anatomy are complete with bone rigs, muscle, fat, fascia, and skin layers, and skin blends, and their malleable and resilient nature allows for creators to adapt the high-quality assets to create completely new characters with moderately similar anatomical structures.