ZeroFOX, a leader in digital risk protection, protects modern organizations from the threats across their increasing digital business presence including: social media, mobile apps, code-share repositories, email and collaboration platforms and more. The ZeroFOX Platform ingests billions of data elements from hundreds of external digital sources ranging from social media platforms to the deep/dark web. Employing the industry's most advanced AI-powered engine, the SaaS-based platform analyzes text, images and video, at internet scale, to identify and remediate threats. The solution running on Intel® AI technology facilitates faster time to insights, reduced likelihood of timeouts for the model service resulting in more images being analyzed and helps service additional customers. The platform then removes malicious content by executing takedowns - removing impersonating accounts, domains, apps and more before they impact your business.


ZeroFOX has invested heavily in Artificial Intelligence and Machine-Learning tools to accurately identify a broad range of digital threats at scale. Today, ZeroFOX ML text and image capabilities span a range of capability, from text analysis for sentiment and language processing, to malicious link detection, to text in image analysis, to now detecting threatening or fictitious objects within images and videos. These generally can be grouped into two AI disciplines;

Natural Language Processing (NLP)​ – Enabling computers to understand and interact with human languages

Computer Vision (CV)​ – Training computers to identify and extract information from images

Based on these AI disciplines, ZeroFOX has developed 8 AI-based classifier models, each serving a specific purpose as follows;

Negative Sentiment ​– classify “amount” of negative sentiment in text

Language Detection​ – identify over 50 languages for incoming content

Money Flipping​ – identify a common financial scam through contextual analysis

Link Analysis​ – identify malicious URLs

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) – extract text embedded within images for hidden threats

Image Comparison​ – detect if similar images are utilized by impersonators

Object Detection​ – identify threatening/malicious objects within images

Video Analysis​​ – applying OCR, object detection to video, as well as deepfake detection

ZeroFOX Platform and AI-Driven Analysis