You Are My Guide was founded with the aim of supporting companies in the process of acquisition, maintenance, and customer care leveraging proprietary semantic system and A.I. algorithms.

That is why You Are My Guide has created GhostWriterAI, the first Italian content marketing strategy platform.

Costs related to the communication team are exploding. GhostWriterAI supports the communication department as a high-value tool. GhostWriterAI dramatically increases the productivity of the CMO team, so that it can achieve more with the same resources or deliver the same amount of work with fewer resources, providing the savings the company need.

GhostWriterAi is a complete suite of services based on the winning combination of a proprietary semantic system and specific machine learning and deep learning algorithms.

GhostWriterAI allows companies to optimize their investments in strategic tools and services for content creation, achieving better results in less time than others available on the market.

GhostWriterAI does not require specialized personnel within the company and has time to customize the model of fast algorithms. Algorithms are immediately operational, and in less than two weeks artificial intelligence has already created specific models of the client's business.

The know-how acquired in 4 years of activity has allowed reaching highly competitive models, and the internal staff of You Are My Guide is a crucial resource for the success of the company.

Part of the solution has been patented under the Italian territory.


GhostWriterAI enables companies to use innovative technologies, making them more competitive in the market with customized offers and services specific to the target audience. Identifying the potential audience and understanding the interests of the people who are part of it, with what news they interact, what words they use, is the first step towards an accurate segmentation of the sources.

Segmenting the target audience by demographic information (age, gender, geographical location, language) and psychographic (interests, passions, contexts) the company becomes able to speak more effectively to its target audience, proposing offers and services tailored to the needs of each specific user and gaining a huge competitive advantage on the market.

The suite includes the following services:

Lookalike Audience - Identify the potential audience up to x10 the current one Recommender - Identify the most suitable contents for each specific audience Content Creator - Identify the best topics and words to use Content Curator - Identify the most relevant news for the sector of your interest Semantic Chatbot - Care engagement and relationship with the audience before, during and after

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