Yellow Messenger is the world's first Cognitive Engagement Cloud, enabling enterprises across the globe to achieve higher efficiency and productivity via automated customer and employee engagement.

We deploy artificial intelligent virtual assistants across channels like voice and chat for organizations in a vast array of industries like retail, e-commerce, BFSI, education, FMCG, healthcare, and many more.

Yellow Messenger’s portfolio includes IVR Smart Assistant, Chat Smart Assistant, WhatsApp for Business Automation, and Omni-Channel Digital Assistant with an integrated engagement suite comprising AI-enabled ticketing, notifications, user-management to drive enterprise adoption.

Our sophisticated, modular and highly customizable platform can fit any business with little to no technical know-how in just a few weeks to provide quality service.


Yellow Messenger and Intel’s partnership is focused on providing innovative, sophisticated solutions backed by the best NLP capability, modular infrastructure with flexibility in customization and powerful processors that boost rapid performance. Our services include -

WhatsApp for Business Automation

WhatsApp for Business Automation- Leverage the world’s largest messaging application to hold meaningful conversations with your customers and employees. From sending business-critical notifications to instantly engaging with leads and prospects, WhatsApp automation can mean serious business.

Customer support chatbot

Customer support chatbot - Drive efficiency, loyalty, and growth at every stage of your customer life cycle. Customer support assistants can reduce response time and the time taken to resolve queries, drastically. And when they can’t, they can seamlessly transfer queries to a human agent. There’s ~65% of mundane query-answering waiting to be automated.

Customer engagement chatbot

Customer engagement chatbot - Connect, converse and convert customers, anytime, in any language and grow your enterprise. With AI-powered virtual assistants, you can capture leads, cross-sell and up-sell, aid product discovery, launch-smart promotions, schedule reminders and much more. Empower your sales and marketing teams to do more!

Employee engagement chatbot

Employee engagement chatbot - Automate 60% of HR processes with the world’s only cognitive engagement cloud, capable of delivering sophisticated experiences that feel authentically human. Adopt a new and better way to onboard, engage and retain employees.

Enterprise automation chatbot

Enterprise automation chatbot- With enterprise automation across ITSM, Supply Chain, Procurement and Finance automation; global enterprises are seeing huge cost savings, better user experience, improved quality of delivered services, faster incident and problem resolution and improved revenue.