Established in 2016, Ximilar is a software company that helps businesses make better use of image data with AI and Machine Learning. Focusing mainly on computer vision, image recognition, and visual search.

Ximilar customers are companies from various fields like Photo Stock agencies, E-shops, MedTech, Industries, Real Estate, and Automotive services. Ximilar can help you recognize the visual features and preprocess data - find the right product category, assign tags to images, pair products by their photos, read text from images with OCR technology or detect defects in images. Automation of this process often saves significant costs.

Ximilar is developing a computer vision platform (MLaaS) for building your own custom deep learning models for images. Customers are able to chain and deploy multiple AI models into powerful API on a single click. The system is optimized on Intel Xeon® scalable architecture and uses TensorFlow with OpenVINO technology.

Over the past decade, Ximilar has developed a superfast image search/similarity engine for large collections that can handle thousands of queries per second. This system is used in many E-Commerce solutions in Europe for finding visually similar content or similar products.


The AI platform for Computer Vision

Ximilar App is a computer vision platform for training Custom Image Recognition, Detection, and Segmentation models. The models are then deployed for inference using Intel OpenVINO technology as an API endpoint. This platform can be used for the categorization of defective products on assembly lines, detecting inflammation of root canal (Endogenie), anomaly detection on biomedical samples, and more …

Fashion Search & Tagging

One of the most advanced, accurate, and fastest solutions for analyzing Apparel imagery on the market. Utilizing more than a hundred deep learning models and visual search engines. Fashion e-commerce platforms can increase revenue and enhance the user experience on their website. See for more.

Custom Similarity & Image Matching :

Service that allows you to train your own AI similarity models and build your own product or visual search (with easy integration with mobile app) whether your data are skincare products (Skintory) or old antique images.