Xanadata has developed an award winning hardware accelerated solution that discovers network security threats at any scale – targeting national scale telco & ISP networks, large multi-national corporate networks running with hundreds of millions of flows per second. Xanadata apply cutting edge hardware acceleration to deliver terabit per second scale analytics feeding into accelerated AI algorithms hunting for new threats. Xanadata have also developed unique AI algorithms to cluster traffic based on behavior powering new applications in multi-hop threat hunting and attacker attribution, delivering nation state depth of cyber intelligence to the commercial sector.

Xanadata can analyze network history or live traffic at scale, discovering “patient zero” in cyber attack campaigns and therefore giving incident response teams critical information about how an attack was instigated and therefore how to prevent further attacks. Using unique physics based Augmented Intelligence algorithms the solution also highlights indicators of more serious attack coordination.

Xanadata’s Typhon range of products has won several awards and is being used by multiple customers at all points of scale.

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Cyber-Security Intelligence

Xanadata’s AI and machine learning techniques generate augmented intelligence in a unique 3D visualisation format so that its powerful Typhon Accelerated Threat Detection platform is able to pattern match user behaviours to accurately predict and prevent the next attack occurring.

Use Cases for Accelerated Threat Detection

Real-time Threat monitoring

Zero Day Detection

Forensic Incident Analysis

User Behaviour Anomaly Detection

Business Impact

Accelerated threat detection

Breach prevention or impact reduction

Enhanced threat response and forensic investigation

Reduced probability of financial, non-compliance penalties