Founded in 1994, Winning Health is a leading healthcare software and solution provider in China. The company develops system platform to enable digital transformation of IT infrastructure in hospitals and help them integrate business function, healthcare data and service delivery on a connected digital platform. With the emergence of AI, Winning Health created AI lab to focus on developing ML/DL-based diagnostic medical solutions to add AI capabilities and services to its system platform. Winning’s AI portfolio consists of bone age assessment, lung nodule detection, chest CT scan imaging, skin pressure ulcers, and many more.

Winning Health is public company in China with headquarters in Shanghai, servicing over 6000 healthcare institutions in China through a network of more than 20 subsidiaries and R&D centers. Winning Health was named one of the global top 50 healthcare technology companies by IDC Health Insights HealthTech Rankings 2017.

Winning Health offers core IT infrastructure and capabilities to enable digital transformation for the healthcare industry in China. The IT infrastructure integrates medical data, technical capabilities and operating processes into a unified system platform that is powered by data and focused on user experiences.

In July 2020, Winning Health announced “WinCloud Initiatives” to launch the new SaaS service and collaboration model on the cloud. WinCloud is intended to accelerate the cloudification of healthcare services, R&D delivery and ecosystem integration and enhance healthcare accessibility and quality.

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The healthcare industry is undergoing profound changes in China and underpinning all the changes is the digital transformation driven by data, technology and AI. Winning Health is a technology leader in driving the transformation through its product and service offerings.

WiNEX is an IT infrastructure that integrates health data, big data analytics, and AI technologies to unleash healthcare capabilities to a higher level across all operating units in healthcare organizations. The aim is to respond faster to healthcare needs, leverage newer technologies, and provider better experiences.

Winning Health is also dedicated to providing solutions to enable delivery of smart healthcare services, including medical treatment, hospital administration and pharmacy services.

Building a public health information platform is another focus area of Winning Health, where it unifies local health data, digitize electronic medical records, and builds a system to enable sharing of information and leveraging resources across different regions.

Newly launched WinCloud initiatives is accelerating the migration of healthcare services to the cloud, which is clearly a trend happening in the industry. Winning Health is launching new SaaS model to offer clinical consultation, health counselling, pharmacy and insurance services all in the cloud.