wesense.ai works with retailers to accelerate their store growth by improving marketing ROI and conversion percentage. With solutions that can be integrated in minutes in the existing store infrastructure, wesense.ai provides a faster implementation across stores irrespective of geographical barriers.

Various in-store parameters affect the buying decisions of the customers. However, unlike online medium, it has been a challenge to measure and track these for offline stores. wesense.ai solves this problem of unavailability of accurate information with respect to the incoming traffic and how customers navigate and interact inside the stores. Decisions related to improving conversion, customer experience, staff optimization, marketing campaign effectiveness, etc. can be made from the actionable insights generated through wesense-platform.

wesense.ai leverages the latest technologies in Deep Tech, computer vision, Open Vino, Edge computing, etc. to build the AI-enabled platform to connect any camera and make it smarter. Its highly efficient algorithms are optimized to run in local systems thereby eliminating the need for additional CAPEX. The processing mechanism to run the algorithms in edge devices as well as the cloud gives the additional flexibility to generate insights on numerous data points simultaneously.

wesense.ai is working with fortune 500 companies & leading Indian conglomerates. It’s partnered with INTEL, SAP, Accenture, and part of NASSCOM Deep Tech club, EO Cares and Israel Mass challenge Program. Awarded with the “Best retail tech company” award in 2019, wesense.ai is also listed as one of the top 30 emerging startups by Your Story media.

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Wesense.ai offers its retail suite in four modules and covers the customer journey from the moment they enter to the store till they exit.

Traffic Analysis: Walk-in traffic insights with age gender and a 100 percent accurate walk-in count which excludes the employee

Aisle Analysis: Measures impact of paths taken by visitors and times spent across various departments in the store

Ad Analysis: To know performance of in-store display ads at a deeper level with view counts, view times, ad heatmaps, demographics etc.

Checkout Analysis: Optimize waiting time on long checkout counters in real time. Data points include head counting, live wait-times, counters status as closed/open

These solutions are built by leveraging latest technologies such as Deep tech, computer vision, Open Vino, Edge computing etc. to build the AI enabled platform to connect any camera and make it smarter.

All these solutions are offered under one room in the form of Dashboard and Reports.