Wahtari smoothes the path to a widespread use of AI-based computer vision systems in industry 4.0

To help companies realize the full potential of today's AI technology and to prepare for future AI developments, Wahtari has created a comprehensive AI ecosystem of hardware & software to guide customers on the journey as they move toward powerful, flexible AI vision systems.

One-stop-shop: Wahtari's portfolio offers everything from individual consulting and test systems available at short notice as part of a proof-of-concept, to modular AI hardware and software components and a variety of cross-industry complete solutions.

Wahtari AI Ecosystem

Autonomous AI Training

In scenarios where there is little data or few samples available for deviations from a defined standard, anomaly detection with Wahtari's autonomous training feature is a perfect choice. It works perfectly even if you only have positive samples of your products. Tech&Go within minutes.

Autonomous AI Training

nLab // The Deep Learning Platform provides tools for the development of AI models.

nGin // The intelligent engine of the Edge devices that dynamically adapts according to the hardware platform.

nCam // As an independent on-the-edge system, the intelligent camera offers extremely lean communication and can be used out-of-the-box for the
execution of AI models.