In Vispera, we have a vision to make image recognition a commodity service for the whole retail sector.

For us, a great company means a design-driven innovative organization with a strong sense of collaboration where everything starts with a team who wants to solve real business problems.

After entertaining several ideas in the retail space, we discovered that many problems in retail execution measurement are visual and fall under the purview of our academic and professional know-how. It was then natural to start with our current value proposition, helping our FMCG and retailer clients execute perfect stores with our image recognition services.


Vispera ShelfSight is a real-time shelf monitoring and management system that can analyze retail shelves for out-of-stock detection, planogram compliance and empty space detection using state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms running on high performance computing platforms. The system is capable of detecting and recognizing individual products to produce highly accurate shelf measurements in real-time utilizing IoT cameras mounted on the aisles.