is the world’s first cloud platform for businesses to build, manage and operate their own computer vision solutions at scale in order to automate operations. Our cloud platform provides a full set of tools to make deep learning applications broadly available and deploy them to the edge. We strongly focus on a no/low-code environment while offering an outstanding user experience for business-minded people with great ideas but limited technical knowledge. Even though computer vision is expected to drive the most disruption in the AI space in all business fields, its implementation is still a big challenge. Our mission is to introduce groundbreaking ways to enable the fast and broad adoption of AI-based computer vision technology at scale and across industries. We broadly empower companies to use deep learning, moving from “fancy and new applications” to “complete and reliable solutions” with significant economic potential.

SERVICES is the world’s easiest way for businesses to use AI with any camera to outperform human vision and automate operations. is a cloud-based tool that provides businesses with their own workspace to build, deploy and operate production grate computer vision solutions.

1. Build a solution rapidly You don’t need to be a developer. Use any hardware in combination with an AI algorithm to detect people, objects, behavior, situations and much more.

2. Deploy to an unlimited number of devices Manage thousands of devices in your workspace through cloud and mobile. Upgrade the hardware dynamically and scale as your organization grows.

3. Operate & automate your business in real-time Set up workflows and rules to turn data into insights. Automated notifications, powerful visualizations and customized reports. Integrate with existing systems.