Vismarty is an artificial intelligence company focusing on computer vision algorithms and FPGA acceleration technology development and providing image analytics services. Vismarty has the world's top algorithm and computing power technical team, and is an AI partner of AWS, Intel, Huawei and other platforms. Relying on self-training systems and acceleration architectures, it provides a host of image analytics services and solutions to enterprises in the cloud and on premise.

As the leading FPGA deep learning model acceleration application team in China, Vismarty has launched the FPGA based image compliance review system-IDFS for real-time detection and filtering of non-compliant or illegal contents such as violent, terrorist and pornographic images or video frames. Vismarty IDFS provides government agencies, digital content publishers and public platforms an effective AI powered solution to protect and maintain a healthy media environment.

In the area of intelligent manufacturing, Vismarty has integrated deep learning with traditional industrial vision solutions with optimized algorithm accuracy and system performance in a broad range of applications. In response to the increasing needs for product testing, process control, environmental inspection and other areas in industrial setting, Vismarty introduced the artificial intelligence algorithm warehouse - AIAC, to provide systematic AI powered image solutions for manufacturing enterprises.


With the advent of the AI era, intelligent image processing systems are gradually replacing manual compliance reviews. However, in the face of massive image data, the mainstream system solutions in the market still fail to fully unleash the intelligence of the system due to the bottleneck of computing power. In response to this industry pain point, Vismarty applies a variety of deep optimization methods to transplant deep learning models into FPGA chips. With ultra-high computing efficiency, Vismarty meets the market demand for real-time response requirements with simultaneous processing of multiple video streams. Vismarty’s image analytics solutions allow regulatory entities to monitor data integrity of digital contents published through internet live broadcast, short video, social networking and other media platforms. Vismarty image solutions are used in a host of applications –

Live video

Live video has many concurrent broadcast streams. Vismarty FPGA image filter system can monitor the contents of all video feeds in real time, identify suspicious contents and block them in real time.

Shopping Mall

Vismarty image filter system can detect uploaded images including non-compliant or illegal contents such as violent, terrorist and pornographic images.

Website BBS

Vismarty image filter system can identify and block the illegal images from User Generated Content (UGC) on website, therefore help customers reduce the risk of business violations.