Verbio was born as a speech technology company and evolved into a Conversational and Cognitive AI solutions provider, helping enterprise deliver unique customer experiences while impacting operational excellence. Trusted by the world’s most valuable brands across industries, Verbio has continuously delivered the best sector KPIs thanks to its customer success focus and proprietary technology with fully customisable solutions. Its voice technologies are available in 5 of the most spoken languages, including Japanese, and can identify over 100 accents. By simplifying Human-Machine interactions, we are on a mission to merge Voice and AI to make our lives easier!


Verbio VoiceAI solutions allow enterprises to listen, understand, learn, predict, and engage naturally with customers to deliver a consistent experience across sales and service channels. Next generation of cognitive, conversational engine and speech analytics were merged to seamlessly identify and verify speakers, listen and engage, analyze single or two-way conversation, and extract data and business intelligence through voice sensors and sentiment analysis. The innovative nature of Verbio VoiceAI platform is reflected into the ability to accurately understand human conversations using DNN and AI concepts and then leveraging appropriate grammars, syntax, semantic and statistical models to support real-time decision making in any number of applications.

Enterprises are continually striving to optimize customer care, sales, and to ultimately create frictionless customer experiences – across all service channels and devices. Verbio enhances and extends how consumers receive service, make buying decisions, and interact with humans and machines, driving operational efficiencies, primarily within customer care and sales organizations. Consumers are demanding intelligent, personalized, and consistent experiences across web, IVR, mobile, and live agent channels – we deliver the user experience and the resulting business benefits.

Verbio VoiceAI platform