Valtech is a next generation business transformation services provider focused on helping medium and large organisations as they embrace the digital age.

We are builders, we build change quickly. We do not write strategy reports. Valtech is committed to breaking the obsession of "big data" in favour of "timely data". We are uncovering better ways of approaching data and Artificial Intelligence by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:

Hypothesis led experimentation over predetermined solutions

Actionable response to events over data reporting

Building production ready prototypes over comprehensive IT strategies

Stream processing over relational databases

Whilst there is value in the items on the right-hand side, we value items on the left more.

Our greatest strength is in helping our customers move quickly from concept stage, towards putting machine learning / artificial intelligence into production operation.

We have done this for many areas of national government, including to improve the accuracy and timeliness of the UK’s monthly GDP estimates. In the commercial sector we have been applying machine learning / artificial intelligence for connected cars and autonomous ships. We provide our customers with new ways of thinking and the necessary skills to transform their organisations quickly and also to enable them to do this for themselves.


We deliver organisational transformation through provision of these services:

Data Science & Data Engineering – we create real-time insights and algorithms to improve user experience with feature engineering based on fused streams of data.

Connected Services – we design and build connected services and products, for cars, ships, wearables and mobile retail solutions etc.

Experience & Commerce Platforms – we design, build and run content, commerce and machine learning platforms based on the best software in the world.

CX strategy – integrating strategy by both thinking and building, incorporating Lean UX, design thinking, Agile methods and culture.

Content & Campaigns – we conceive, plan, produce and run content assets and campaigns to drive key performance indicators, like increase sales.

Emerging technologies – we experiment with new technologies and help our customers "test drive" them to discover their potential.

We are showcasing the art-of-the-possible for Artificial Intelligence in a retail store environment, with a prototype that recognises human behaviour using Intel® Movidius™ to enable deep learning across video streams. We track movement of individuals around a store with real-time recognition of gender/sentiment and apparel worn by connecting multiple AI functions in a single pipeline using the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™.