Ulucu is a leading cloud-based platform for smart store and smart retail applications powered by AI. Since its founding in 2009, Ulucu is specialized in the development of AI solutions by applying computer vision technologies such as facial recognition, object detection and behavior analytics to help retail chain stores improve operational efficiency and reduce cost. Ulucu entered into a strategic partnership with Tencent in 2018 to join efforts in accelerating digital transformation in smart retail industry in China.

Ulucu’s smart retail cloud platform is a market segment share leader across retail franchises in broad range of verticals, including restaurant, fashion, pharma, automobile, consumer electronics, and convenience stores, etc. Ulucu platform has served over 2100 retail chain franchises across 1,656,000 stores, including PAAS partners. Ulucu team is comprised of top talents with rich experience in computer vision, AI development and business operations.

Ulucu has attracted capital investments from a group of top VC investors, including Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB), Oriental Fortune Capital, Tencent, China Merchant Group, etc. Ulucu went public on China NEEQ exchange in 2016.


Ulucu is a leading AI powered cloud platform for smart store and smart retail solutions. Ulucu platform provides precision marketing services to retail stores using computer vision technologies built around consumer shopping experience. Ulucu platform also provides analytics that allow retail owners to manage store operations with actional business insights at lower cost.

Ulucu platform offers a portfolio of solutions that supports every aspect of store operation and management. Ulucu solutions is comprised of six functional modules, including Yougou (U-purchase), Youxun (U-supervise), Huidian(Smart store), Youzhanggui (U-cashier), Youping (U-screen) and Youxuetang (U-training).

Yougou – Use computer vision technologies to enable precision marketing based on consumer profile and behavior.

Youxun – Use facial recognition, object detection and NLP technologies to provide store operational data to allow effective management of people, inventory and money

Huidian – A remote store management solution based on visual surveillance data

Youzhanggui – Use AI and big data analytics to prevent, identify and respond to payment fraud to minimizing operating loss

Youping – Use AI to enable precision marketing and analytics to drive increase in sales and customer satisfaction

Youxuetang – A unified training platform for distributed training across retail franchise network