Tuple is an AI platform which forecasts behavioural patterns of individual customers using plug-&-play machine learning. It attaches itself to your existing database and automatically starts making predictions in real time. It acts as your personal assistant and gives you suggestions to improve your business. The platform answers to important business questions like, “Who are the best customers?”, “Where do they come from?”, “What are they looking for?”, “when will they buy?” and “How much are they willing to spend?” with the help of predictive analytics capabilities. The platform is also enabled with a marketing automation tool that is integrated with different social & digital media platforms like Facebook, Google AdWords, Mailchimp etc. It helps businesses to take the predictive insights in the form of marketing campaigns to their customers and understand the responses to better their offerings.

We believe in challenging the status quo every day. We take pride in doing our work with all honesty. We love to approach work like a piece of art and make our audience mesmerised. It just happened that we are working on AI.

Tuple Clone - Reach out to millions of leads and find the most profitable ones for your business. Clone helps not only in finding leads but also in curating, nurturing them and then converting them to your customers. Tuple Maximize - identify hidden potential of your customers and extract the full value. Research says that it is three times easier to sell to an existing client than to a new client but it is also equally important to sell the right stuff at the right time so that they don’t churn out to your competitors. Maximize helps in achieving this.