Tmax A&C was founded on the principle that there is always a better way. Nothing will stop us from creating better solutions that improve your business in ways that other companies can’t or won’t. Tmax is focusing on AI, big data, and block chain technologies to give you the freedom to take control of your technology. Our stack of software solutions help you efficiently manage and fully leverage your data and provides AI technology in language, voice, vision, emotion, and knowledge that enables IT to actively and effectively contribute to achieving business objectives. With our remarkable technology, fresh perspective, collaborative spirit, and unusual clarity and transparency, you will finally have the choice you deserve. Don’t settle for the ordinary security, performance, and cost of your current solutions. Along with freedom from status quo technology, more opportunities and faster ways to innovate, reduced risk of change, greater cost savings, and a better customer experience.


Tmax AI applied to various solutions, ranging from OS, Office, Collaborative software, Education platform, Chatbot, and the Internet. Besides of those applications, Tmax AI can be applied to any solution to provide optimized technologies.

AI Applications