Spectrum is a mission focused company with a 20+ year record of delivering services and technical solutions to a diverse set of customers across government and industry. Our core capabilities include a comprehensive portfolio of data analytic skills and tools. Given our strong track record of translating advanced data services into actionable analytics we recognize both the potential transformative power of applying Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Deep Learning technologies (AI) and the challenges of effectively operationalizing those technologies. The vision for AI is that it will become ubiquitous across the compute continuum from the edge to the cloud. Spectrum PRISM is our vision and promise for an ecosystem of behavior-based microservices specifically tuned for the intricate functions necessary to rapidly implement AI across the compute continuum and easily tailored to a specific enterprise use case. PRISM’s Behavior-as-a-Service “BaaS” software agents will provide discreet, secure / zero-trust minimally functional capabilities that enable AI teams keeping pace with rapidly expanding/changing data sources, evolving models and advancing inference engines.

PRISM facilitates AI/ML/DL operationalization as the connective tissue:

  • acquire data and make ready for training and/or inference;

  • fine tune the compute continuum with insight (data-flow taps) for human investigation and visibility into decision processes;

  • provenance and audit trail to understand how interactions between data and model present results (likelihoods);

  • understanding the complexity of interconnected processing from edge to cloud, and back again.

Behavior-as-a-Service “BaaS” software agents are different in that they are fundamental, foundationally atomic, computational units supporting inference, decision making, knowledge discovery, and training. PRISM is deployed using standard DevOps/DevSecOps toolchains.