Skymind licenses AI infrastructure for operating machine learning models in production.

As the company behind the widely-used, open-source, machine-learning library, Eclipse Deeplearning4j, Skymind is a proven leader in enterprise AI. With this background in mind, Skymind offers a software distribution known as the Skymind Intelligence Layer or SKIL.

SKIL is designed to help DevOps and IT teams manage, deploy, and continuously retrain machine learning models at scale. With support for distributed systems (Hadoop, Spark), machine learning libraries (Tensorflow, Keras), and compute (Intel MKL), SKIL enables interoperability between data science and big data tools by standardizing AI workflows within a single, consolidated platform.

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Skymind offers subscription tiers for organizations interested in using SKIL to streamline machine learning workflows.


SKIL License
Community Edition - Free. Limited to a single node. Enterprise Edition - Subscription required. Enables scale out to multiple nodes and access to professional support.
Support Packages
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SKIL Discover (Add-on)
A data analysis tool that allows you to quickly discover new datasets for AI and to accelerate the data labeling process.