SigTuple combines the power of robotics, medical data and artificial intelligence (AI) to create smart diagnostic solutions which make quality healthcare delivery affordable, accessible and accurate. Since 2015, our efforts have been focused towards developing smart, automated solutions for basic, high volume diagnostic screening tests which improve efficiency of doctors, enable tele-diagnostics and introduce a new paradigm of connected AI-powered solutions which remove dependency on monolithic medical devices. Such next generation solutions are not possible without an inclusive collaboration between top medical institutions, visionary medical specialists and expert computer scientists. Our advisors and partner institutions are key opinion leaders in their respective spheres and provide an inimitable edge to our efforts. Our in-house team of robotics experts, computer scientists and medical experts believe in redefining the boundaries of what’s possible today to enhance the healthcare experience for everyone tomorrow.


AI100- A single device for three solutions!

Shonit: AI100 for blood facilitates automated analysis of peripheral blood smears. It can compute accurate leukocyte, erythrocyte and platelet total counts along with a detailed morphological analysis of all three cell families. Shrava: AI100 for Urine detects objects of interest like crystals, casts, epithelial cells, RBCs, WBCs, bacteria and yeast apart from calculating related volumetric parameters. Aadi: AI100 for Semen automates one of the core aspects in infertility investigations -measurement and analysis of male fecundity.
Other Products
Dhrishti: A cloud-based AI platform for automated analysis of images captured from Fundus cameras and OCT scanners for detection of Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma and AMD