Sightcorp is an AI spin-off from the University of Amsterdam (UvA) specializing in face analysis and face recognition software. Through computer vision and deep learning, Sightcorp can analyze faces in images, videos, and real-life environments.

Our Face Analysis Technology is a pioneer in the real-time video analytics and audience measurement designed for digital signage, retail and other industries. We offer anonymized automated analysis of facial expressions like happiness, together with age, gender, head gaze and attention.

Our state-of-the-art Face Recognition solutions are designed to help businesses streamline their KYC processes and increase compliance by using accurate face matching and face verification technologies.

Sightcorp’s proprietary software relies on a solid scientific foundation of more than 15 years of R&D research. Thanks to our connection with the UvA, and to our amazing team with high expertise in Deep Learning and Computer Vision, we make sure to be always at the forefront of the latest developments and scientific innovations.

While our products can be tailored to suit clients in all verticals, our core focus is on the following industries:

Digital Signage, DOOH


Know Your Customer (KYC)

Access control

Payment solutions


Our services fall into two main categories: Face Analysis and Face Recognition.

Face Analysis

Our face analysis products include features such as emotion recognition, age detection, gender detection, attention time, and eye gaze tracking. These products are designed for companies who want to track the performance of their digital signage campaigns, adjust ad content in realtime based on audience behavior and demographics, conduct market research studies based on accurate analytics, and engage more effectively with their customers.

Our clients can choose one of the following products which include both ready solutions and SDKs for deeper integrations projects:

Face Recognition

Our face recognition technology, FaceMatch, enables identity verification, face matching, face search, and face grouping. With FaceMatch, companies are able to build strong customer verification programs, optimize their onboarding process, and become more KYC compliant with the use of AI software. Other applications also include access control and payment verification.

FaceMatch performs best in class, with the option to customize confidence thresholds. It is also possible to retrain FaceMatch on customer data, making it a versatile face recognition solution.

FaceMatch is currently offered in three products:

FaceMatch SDK

FaceMatch API (Beta)

FaceMatch Customizable Building Block