QuEST Global Digital is a global design-led software engineering services company enabling digital transformation for the world’s leading organizations through disruptive technologies. We specialize in next-gen technology consulting, system integration, solution development, deployment, and security. QuEST Global Digital leads digital transformation through advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Robotics, Blockchain, Augmented Reality and Internet-of-Things. In the past, we have worked with the world’s most recognized Fortune 500 companies in aerospace & defense, aero engines, automotive, hi-tech, industrial, medical devices, oil & gas, power and rail sectors.

Leveraging multi-industry experience & pervasive technologies like AI enabled vision systems, analytics, deep learning, IoT, AR/VR and emerging manufacturing 4.0 technologies, we have empowered our esteemed client including chipmakers and product makers to sharpen their competitive edge, ensure a first-pass success, accelerate time to market and stay ahead of the competition. We have also struck partnerships with industry leading cloud platform providers and embedded hardware providers to help clients optimize the best technologies available in our ecosystem.


QuEST Global Digital includes Artificial Intelligence as a practice where in DL/ML services are offered. In terms of DL QuEST, is fluent at training DNNs using Xeon, IA FPGA Accelerators, GPUs, and the cloud. Moreover, OpenVINO Toolkit is used to port the final models (of blueprint solutions) on Intel Architecture based platforms. We also use the DL Deployment Toolkit part of the OpenVINO Toolkit to optimize trained models to perform any inference analysis.