Qualitas Technologies is a well-established leader in industrial machine vision solutions. We use cutting edge Artificial Intelligence Technologies to automate tasks such as manufacturing quality control etc. With the combined expertise of imaging hardware coupled with Deep Learning software we offer the right ingredients for a versatile solution for machine vision automation. Our platform is also IOT and cloud enabled, offering a powerful and secure cloud analytics and management services.


We work in the area of industrial automation and provide AI based vision inspection system across the manufacturing vertical. We understand that as a manufacturer, quality control is the most critical process without any room for error. With a decade of experience, we have developed a complete solution in a box, called EagleEye DL. With an easy to Install, Teach and Inspect process the Eagle makes your quality control automation easy and affordable. Our product can be used for a variety of visual inspection tasks, such as Assembly Verification, OCR, Anomaly Detection and Part Identification

Some of our best solutions are: