Petuum provides innovative industry solutions, built using the most advanced artificial intelligence (AI) methodologies that have been out of reach for most businesses. Our products solve complex real-world challenges, that traditional techniques have failed to solve, in a simple, cost-effective manner. These are operationalized by world class AI experts and deep subject matter specialists, on the Petuum AI Symphony platform, which delivers distributed computing and parallelized data processing as well as machine learning and deep learning workflows, at scale in every environment.


Petuum Industrial AI Autopilot product suite enables complex manufacturing operations to achieve higher optima with AI-based modules that continuously learn, adapt, and drive consistently better business results. It leverages diverse sets of operational data from multiple sources for precise predictions, optimal prescriptions and offers a supervised “autosteer” mode for entire end-to-end processes to best align with operating objectives.

The Petuum platform is optimized to run inferencing and training extremely efficiently at scale using standard Intel CPUs. Using Petuum innovations such as the parameter server architecture and theory, the stale-synchronous parallel bridging model, elastic resource scheduling technology, and managed network communication technology in high-performance distributed systems for ML and DL – as well as new ML and DL models and algorithms for actionable, human-level understanding and learning from images, videos and natural language, the platform delivers cutting-edge AI at scale with standard hardware.

Delivered as a service, Industrial AI-pilot is Petuum Industrial AI's most cutting-edge suite of products and includes modules for asset, process and operational excellence initiatives.