PageMajik is an AI driven, vertical agnostic, Content Services Platform that provides intelligent automation, for the Ideation to Publish to Monetize lifecycle of all high value content.

PageMajik is a US corporation with offices in Singapore and India. Founded in 2017 by a team of industry recognized leaders from the content industry, PageMajik is witnessing rapid growth in its chosen customer segments.

Delivered over a cloud native services architecture, PageMajik leverages nonlinear scaling of graph technology and deep learning algorithms to drastically reduce ideate to publish time to market for its customers. The API led microservices architecture has helped PageMajik rapidly reposition its solution chassis to serve industry adjacencies and new verticals where the fusion of content, collaboration and compliance cause significant business challenges.

The vertical industry use cases of PageMajik span

Traditional publishing covering books, journals etc.

Nontraditional publishing such as industry associations


Pharma manufacturing – Electronic Batch Records

Health & Life Insurance: Claims Process

Alternate Data: Fund accounting in hedge funds


In content interactive domains such as Life Sciences, Insurance and Fund Accounting, PageMajik offers an integrated platform from ideation to publishing of the content. It helps reduce time taken between the collaboration, content and compliance tasks and integrates the workflow. The deep learning ML engine trains and optimizes the inferences of the business processes over time.

PageMajik platform deploys a combination of supervised and unsupervised learning to optimize keyword extraction, indexing and topic modelling of content. The deep neural network leverages the Intel Xeon cluster and deploys a model on BiLTSM and Topic matrix factorization to deliver drastic reduction in turnaround times.

For content intensive workloads that run excess of 40TB in real time interactions, the PageMajik algorithm looks to optimize the time for task completion by leveraging the parallel channels of Xeon. PageMajik also uses the optimized TenSor Flow from Intel for delivering these advantages.

Customers in Insurance, Financial Services, Life Sciences and Publishing can benefit from the rapid time to market and the intelligent automation that removes human footprint for task completion.