Nordigen is a freemium open banking platform that provides free access to open banking data and premium data insights solutions. Our clients are developers, fintechs and financial institutions that use open banking data to build powerful applications.

We use machine learning in all our products: improving categorisation engine, determining projected income for a user, improving credit scoring models, identifying merchants from bank transactions etc.

Why developers and businesses choose Nordigen:

  1. Free access to open banking / PSD2 data
  2. Accurate transaction categorisation
  3. Powerful data insights for credit assessment and personal finance
  4. Self-service platform with simple APIs
  5. Outstanding country coverage

Supported industries and use-cases:

  1. Banking: mortgages, consumer loans, credit cards, car loans, instalment loans
  2. Non-bank lending: mortgages, consumer loans, credit cards, car loans, “buy now, pay later”, instalment loans
  3. Loan brokers: mortgages, consumer loans, credit cards, car loans
  4. Insurance: instalment payment products
  5. Telecommunications: “buy now, pay later”, mobile device financing
  6. Rent: tenant screening, income verification
  7. Payments: bank account verification
  8. Neobanks and fintechs: personal finance management, wealth management

Explore Products

Use Nordigen's Account Information service API to connect with major European banks and access open banking data with end-user permission. Nordigen's AISP license allows connecting to official PSD2 APIs in 29 countries.


Follow the API documentation steps to integrate with the API and build application flows that allow your end-users connect their personal and business bank accounts to your application.


Use Nordigen's Premium services to categorise transactions or extract powerful insights from your open banking data.

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