Nexus Edge is leading the change in the advertising industry and reinventing the connection and relationship between brands and customers.

We created the first proprietary artificial intelligence made exclusively for the advertising and marketing industry.

ALANA, an A.I. capable of reaching and interacting with millions of people with a particular approach to each one at a super-human level - automatically.

Identifying all customer profiles and analyzing their interaction with your brand or company, she is able to expand advertising professionals of the 21st-century capabilities to the next level.

Transforming a universe of the billions of complex data into something simple, elegant and actionable, she brings the opportunity to provide personalized customer experience.

Her actions - guided by reports, descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analyzes - reach higher accuracy, speed, and fidelity than humans can.

ALANA is our reason to believe in the future of the advertising industry, helping you to achieve higher engagement.

Becoming your new saleswoman, solving clients problems, turning into an interactive FAQ, generating automated insights and generating content on social media.

Right now she is working for big companies and brands, such as Coca-Cola, Nike, Spotify, P&G, Johnson & Johnson, Jeep and Oi Telecom.

Last year Nexus Edge was selected to join the Oracle startup acceleration program and in less than one year we were able to reach USD $1.5M in gross sales with this partnership alone, becoming the most successful participant in the world.

Expanding our operations, we're already in Austin, Sao Paulo, and London.

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Alana has several cognitive skills, powered by Intel hardware and Intel-optimized Python distribution and libraries.

With those, she can automatically handle digital assets, customer interactions, social ads and much more:

Reply: Responsible module for collecting, interpreting and generating creative responses for sales conversion, engagement and customer service. Posts through private and public channels, as social media posts comments.

Chatbot: ALANA's chatbot for websites or facebook pages make complex interactions with users, providing personalized customer service with a natural human language.

Broadcast: Creating, scheduling and optimizing social media posts through cognitive computing, automatically shared in multiple social networks. This enables her to achieve 9 times more clients organically.

Reports: ALANA develop personalized smart reports automatically. This module is responsible to rate taken actions and present insights for decision-making and new actions developments.

Social DSP: Automatic optimization of social media ads, creating and boosting social media investment through machine learning, according to the set budget.

Notifications: Make custom notification identifying each user on buyer's journey through your website and tailoring automatic special offers.

Survey: ALANA periodically launches simple surveys to specific publics. Sending the collected result to your marketing team, she provides new creative insights.