MindTitan believes that Artificial Intelligence isn’t just a “nice-to-have” innovation. We believe that it is a must-have for any company looking to stay competitive within the next five years. We focus on solving business problems with AI.

MindTitan builds and delivers several machine learning models for the telecommunications industry. As a telecommunications company deploys artificial intelligence solutions, outputs from one model become inputs for another. TitanCS is a solution for customer service which automates both chats and calls in your contact centre and enhances your representatives to work much more effectively in situations where a human touch is needed. Our NBO sales & marketing engine learns from the data and knows which customers are most likely to buy and what should be offered to them - this can be leveraged both by your telemarketing team or by your ad systems. CEI (Customer Experience Index) understands how all of your customers are feeling in the network and also tells you the most likely root causes if customer's experience has lowered.

Through ongoing projects, MindTitan has developed a process for collaboration that leads to the best results in both the public and private sectors. This process involves identifying AI use cases and formulating AI strategy, data exploration and proof of concept, a proposal for deliverables, model development, and application deployment. We have been the AI expert in developing the AI strategy for the most digitally advanced country in the world - Estonia, and digital services company Elisa to name a few.


Customer service automation

MindTitan's TitanCS is the first to automate both calls and chats with one solution. For those cases where a human is needed, AI suggests the solution to the representatives to solve customer queries as quickly and consistently as possible. What we have observed is that a higher level of AI automation can be achieved in customer service by combining all solutions to work in concert.

With a Nordic telco Elisa, we have seen that automating 70% of chats is possible. With 100% of inbound calls, we enable the customer to describe their issue with their own words and the AI understands it and forwards it to the right representative or handles the issue itself.

In addition to automation, TitanCS detects sales leads and gives them a higher priority so that you would always catch them.

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Intelligent Sales (NBO)

MindTitan's telecommunications specific next best offer (NBO) model helps salespeople target the right people at the right time with the right products.

Deep learning powered NBO models increase the success rate of the sales team by up to 20%. They don't just recommend the things that have been sold previously, but they understand product & service features and their viability with each customer. This enables your telemarketing team to not waste time on customers who are not interested in buying and give the most relevant offers to those who are. Your online ads targeting team can use the same input for online campaigns.

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Customer Experience Index (CEI)

CEI understands the experience of every customer in the network and it does it by not simply looking at a few key metrics. AI has learned to put together the information from numerous network logs to understand what makes the experience good and what makes it worse. It does not simply tell when the experience has lowered, but it also tells what is the root cause behind the lowered experience. This information can be used for planning network investments and identifying the causes of client dissatisfaction by the frontline.

Using data beyond the customer service department, MindTitan’s customer experience index uses network data to understand how a customer is feeling about the service, whether or not they let the telecom know.

Artificial intelligence learns how customers experience your service. Are the videos playing smoothly? Are the web pages loading quickly? Are there any hiccups while streaming music? All of which are important to the client's perception of the service.

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AI Strategy Workshop for Your Business

Our workshops give the stakeholders, data scientists and developers the required know-how and tools to comprehensively manage and develop machine learning projects in a sustainable way.

Through interviews, short seminars and interactive ideas- and hands-on workshops the participants will gain the tools to think about the issues they face daily in a machine learning-oriented way - assess the viability of solving a problem with machine learning and give estimates on the required resources needed.

The participants will also acquire the technical know-how on both a theoretical and practical level to choose the correct approach to a machine learning problem and apply this know-how to build a proof of concepts to evaluate those solutions and if proved viable - develop these solutions.

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Guest and keynote speaker for private and public sector events on various AI subjects

MindTitan's Co-Founder and Data Science Lead Markus Lippus is a highly rated guest and keynote speaker both in the private and public sectors on various AI subjects. Markus attends numerous events all around the world each year.

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