MaxQ AI is at the forefront Medical Diagnostic AI. Our mission is to meaningfully reduce misdiagnosis and healthcare costs by making artificial intelligence (AI) intrinsic to the diagnostic process for time sensitive and life-threatening conditions. We are transforming healthcare by empowering physicians to provide 'smarter care' through intelligent imaging with AI actionable insights.

Based in Tel Aviv, Israel and Andover, Massachusetts, our team of artificial intelligence, deep learning and machine vision experts develop innovative software that uses AI to interpret medical images along with surrounding patient data. Our Accipio™ suite of applications are designed to improve the detection of intracranial hemorrhage (ICH), commonly known as a brain bleed, which enables doctors to make faster, more accurate decisions when diagnosing stroke, brain trauma and other serious conditions. Already the recipient of key regulatory approvals and the rare FDA Breakthrough designation, our Accipio solutions are Class II and Class III medical devices with significant clinical evidence burden of proof.

A new era for acute care is here – MaxQ AI is ushering in empowered care – the partnership between AI and the skilled caregiver to bring expert care to every patient. Working with world-class clinical and industry partners, we are committed to empowering all caregivers to be confident, life-saving experts every time and in all locations through AI-enabled clinical decision support at the point of care.


The complete Accipio platform will support the Radiologist, Emergency Room and Neuro-rad teams with a fully-automated solution. Accipio uses MaxQ Al's INSIGHT™ method, providing identification & prioritization (lx1), annotation (Ax2), and expert-level diagnostic rule out (Dx2). The complete ICH solution for head trauma and stroke care promises to:

Increase bleed detection and reduce missed bleeds through real-time triaged and prioritize notification of non-contrast head CT – because minutes matter.

Enhance escalation and intervention confidence, including mobilization of the Stroke, tPA and Operating Room teams for mechanical clot removal; the right care readied faster.

Assist stroke treatment: including tPA administration and mechanical intervention, that can help avoid errors leading to clinical, economic, and potentially litigious issues.

1: FDA Cleared, CE Approved
2: Not FDA Cleared, Not CE Approved, Investigational Only