Headquartered in Amman, Jordan, Mawdoo3 is the leading online Arabic content platform that provides readers with credible Arabic information from trustworthy sources. Mawdoo3 has evolved from a website offering credible sources of news and information, to the largest repository of content available in the Arabic language on numerous topics and, more recently, a top player in the artificial intelligence field.

Mawdoo3’s technology stack and AI initiatives are reducing the gap between Arabic online content and the growing number of Arabic internet users. Mawdoo3 continuously seeks to enrich the online culture by providing new and innovative technologies and improvements to users’ lifestyles, all in the Arabic language.

Driven by the purpose to be the leading global Arabic digital technology company, Mawdoo3 launched its beta web services, the most comprehensive Arabic toolkit for NLP developers (ai.mawdoo3.com).

The API-based developer library and resources ensure accuracy for nearly all NLP tasks including automatic dialect translation, and detection, named-entity recognition, coreference resolution, sentiment analysis, and Arabic text-to-speech.

The AI team at Mawdoo3; the largest of its kind in the region, used the AI.Mawdoo3 library to build the first Arabic speaking conversational agent – Salma. Powered by Arabic AI and machine learning technology, Salma can be integrated into businesses (such as banks and customer care centers) to deliver a unique customer experience and elevate engagement.


Given its line of work, Mawdoo3 recognized the significant shortage of technologies that understand and generate Arabic content – particularly with its specific structure and functionalities. Armed with this knowledge, and after three years of intensive research and development, AI.Mawdoo3 was incepted to create a digitally-engaging user journey for the Arabic speaking audience.

AI Services
The application program interface (API)-based services include:

Tashkeel – Automatic diacritization

Named Entity Recognition – Detects and classifies names into their types

Sentiment Analysis – Senses the emotions expressed in a piece of text

Co-Reference Resolution – Identifies all references to the same noun

Text Normalization – Transforms non-standard text into its standard format 

Part-of-Speech Analysis – Classifies words in texts into their parts of speech

Spell Checking – Checks the spelling of your text

Topic Classification – Classifies text into topic categories

Text To Speech (TTS) – Converts text to audio

Speech To Text (STT) – Converts audio to text

Morphological Segmentation – Extracts the morphological segments in a piece of text

Dialect Detection – Identifies different Arabic dialects

Question Similarity – Measures the similarity/relevance between two questions

Solutions for Business

Conversational Agent for Banking Sector

Conversational Agent for Customer Care Sector