LAURA is an artificial intelligence platform for saving lives by assessing patient risk and managing processes. With a powerful cognitive A.I. robot capable of collecting and analyzing a large amount of data, we provide the most efficient way to identify patients in clinical deterioration and notify in real time the care team. LAURA does that by “reading” the Electronic Healthcare Records and using robust Machine Learning for outcome predictions.


Based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms, Laura is able to predict patient deterioration in hospitals. Patient deterioration not early recognised is one of the main contributors to mortality. Our dataset has already more than 1 Million patients and this knowledge is used for training our Machine Learning algorithms. We use traditional Machine Learning as well as more advanced techniques based on Deep Learning. The main advantage of Laura AI is that our inferences are based on the patient timeline, which means that the clinical history of the patient is analysed in order to identify risks.

The alerts given by our Machine Learning algorithm are shown in a Dashboard - which is available in the nursing station in each hospital department. Using ideas of Cooperative Game Theory, all patients-at-risk are shown in this Dashboard and the healthcare team has to work in collaboration in order to assist these patients. When the vital signs of the patients-at-risk improve to a safe range, this patient is not shown in the Dashboard anymore. The healthcare team works in cooperation in order to assist and support all patients-at-risk identified by Laura.

Laura reduced mortality in 40% in the hospitals after its implementation.