Keemotion is a market-leader in automated-video production.

We use patented motion-tracking, artificial intelligence & machine-learning technology to automatically capture, enhance & distribute live sports video - all without the need for any human-intervention.

Keemotion allows fans, players, teams, leagues, Federations, coaches, officials, marketeers & even broadcasters the opportunity to access high-quality video content in real-time to accomplish their own set of goals & objectives. Our solutions help sports dramatically reduce their video production costs, improve content quality, drive improved performance and connect teams with their fans.

We have a high-profile client base consisting of NBA teams, leading US-College teams, as well as professional sporting federations across Europe.

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Keemotion uses a custom-built camera featuring three camera lenses to capture game and scoreboard video. Imagery is transmitted to an in-venue Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor-powered server & the Keemotion system then stitches the footage from each of the 3 lenses into a single panoramic view of the court. An image framing algorithm is applied, using AI and player movement to control panning and zooming to produce game video as though it was controlled by a human operator. The Intel AI algorithm also identifies and labels every scoring play and possession, making it easy for coaches to locate and review specific actions in real time. Keemotion’s AI algorithm was trained on the Intel® AI DevCloud, which allowed for multiple models to be verified and fine-tuned in parallel.

Keemotion’s solution, powered by Intel Xeon Scalable processors optimized with the Intel® Math Kernel Library software, allows tablet-armed coaches to immediately re-watch a play or focus on a specific point on the court. This provides coaches with the information needed to both make adjustments in real time and understand where their players are and which plays may need more practice.