J!Quant works with the assessment, research and development, and deployment of A.I. algorithms, delivering 100% of all the intellectual property developed in the process.

Working with companies across a wide range of industries and sizes, what all of our customers have in common is that they are certain with the importance of fostering and nurturing a data-driven culture within their decision-making processes in order to stay relevant, profitable and open to new opportunities.

Based in São Paulo, Brazil, J!Quant has been helping organizations transform themselves into AI-driven enterprises.
We believe that AI is a powerful tool that empowers professionals - we do not believe in the machine-replaces-human dystopia.

Data science allows companies to achieve their business goals, giving back to executives the control over business processes that were absorbed by legacy IT systems.

Our expertises: Data Science/Deep Learning assessment, development and deployment ; Business Intelligence ; Exploratory Data analysis ; Big Data ; Data-driven strategic advisory.

For more information, visit https://getjai.com/, or access our social networks on Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin.


J!Quant is a key enabler for enterprises to leverage on cutting-edge AI –based technologies, helping them lead the way to new products and services offerings as well as foster the development of a data-driven culture.

Not only our data scientists works alongside the algorithm's development and life cycle management, but also ensures that the deployment architecture, together with Intel-based environment optimizations, will deliver the best cost-feasible operation possible.