Intumit, Inc. is the leading artificial intelligence provider with more than 500 customers in Greater China area. Powered by self-developed core technologies like natural language processing, text mining, information extraction and deep learning, Intumit offers various AI solutions which can help enterprise customers extract business value from massive unstructured data.

Intumit, established by a group of young software entrepreneurs from National Taiwan University in 1999. The company has won numerous awards, including being named as a 2017 Gartner Cool Vendor, a 2017 Microsoft Top Valuable ISV Partner, a 2016 Taiwan SME Innovation Award Winner, a 2014 APICTA Award participant, and a 2009 The Asian Banker Best Call Centre Project Award vendor. The company has offices in Beijing and Taipei and is developing a distribution channel partner network in Greater China and Japan.


SmartRobot-An Integrated Chatbot Platform with Conversational AI Technologies presents a set of unique features, both on the front-end and back-end for the enterprise.

Omni-channel: Instantly create multiple front-end access to users via easy-to-use APIs. Connection: Seamless integration to CTI, CRM, IVR and various backend systems. Natural Language: Understands customers express with conversational interface. Contextual Responses: Personalized responses based on the conversational context. Cognitive Awareness: Capture the real intent and offer personalized suggestions. Machine Learning: Ability to learn and improve responses over time based on experience. Hybrid human/machine chatting: Seamlessly link to live chat to enable fluid experience of customer engagement. Analytics: Track conversations and reveal valuable insights for CRM

Based on extensive experience in natural language processing and close affinity with advanced cognitive technologies powered by global giants like Google or Microsoft, Intumit has been successful to gain the largest market share in financial service sector in Taiwan.

SmartKMS -An Enterprise Knowledge Management Platform that connects people to knowledge successfully and efficiently. Easy to create, organize, share and manage the entire knowledge life-cycle with effective governance. Incorporated with advanced cognitive technologies like computer vision, voice recognition, etc., SmartKMS empowers RPA and enhances enterprise productivity to a whole new level.