We are a twenty-year-old solution provider that has been focused on using emerging technology in real world solutions. We have gone from v0 to v1 hundreds of times, and have earned our customers hundreds of millions of dollars. Our solutions have millions of users.

We build everything from high-tech proof of concepts to enterprise grade platforms for the Fortune 100 to startups. We do concept ideation to deployment. Cloud architecture is how we think, and we have deep expertise in web, mobile, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, IoT, and complex data visualization.

Many solutions we have created are rooted in artificial intelligence, specifically in computer vision. This spans many industries including entertainment, retail, gaming, and education. Consumer engagement and security are the two major areas. In consumer engagement, understanding the type of people your audience is and how engaged they are is critical so that you can constantly tune your offerings. How long are people looking at your advertisements? How many males and females, and what age groups are they? How are these people moving through my venue? Are there any known offenders that should not be present, and who should I notify if I detect them? Is there a weapon present at school? These are all solutions we have built with AI.


We build apps leveraging edge-based ML powered by OpenVINO and other ML technologies. These apps are everything from proof of concepts to enterprise grade platforms that can scale to millions of users.