iMerit is Human Intelligence meets Artificial Intelligence. We provide human-judgment data services that power your algorithms in machine learning, natural language processing and computer vision. We specialize in image labeling and tagging, data extraction, text annotation for NLP, and content moderation.

The world's most innovative companies trust us to unlock the value hidden within large volumes of unstructured data: our teams have processed over 20 million data points for more than 100 clients worldwide, including Intel, Microsoft, eBay, TripAdvisor and Getty Images. We currently employ 1400+ data experts in the image, video and text domains and help companies in fields like aerial and medicine imagery, e-commerce, natural language understanding, digital business processes and autonomous driving. Our software team integrates and customizes tools for your specialized needs and our US based Solutions Architects work closely with you to unpack your project and provide insights for further iterations. Our goal is to help your algorithms succeed at scale in production.

As you scale your data efforts, we provide the secure and accountable enterprise partner you need. All our data experts are trained and employed full-time inhouse in our facilities in India and the US. We deliver services at above-industry standards of quality and consistency while creating positive change through employment in underprivileged communities.

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Computer Vision Data
Image Classification Semantic Segmentation Polygon and bounding box annotation Keypoint annotation

Our teams have segmented and annotated over 7 million of images for clients worldwide, for autonomous vehicles, healthcare, aerial analysis, user generated content, sports analytics and retail analysis.

Natural Language Data
Named Entity Recognition Named Entity Linking Sentiment Analysis Salience Analysis Product Listing Enrichment Transcription OCR correction

We have analyzed over 3 million text pieces from varied sources such as product descriptions, tweets, customer feedback and wiki entries. The application domains include media, finance, e-commerce and medicine.