The IFDAQ makes the fashion and luxury industries more intelligent and productive. It reveals, and measures, the real market performance of all stakeholders and entities in these industries, as well as the impact of their actions.

The first “Real Fashion Intelligence Unit” uses an industry-specific AI-driven technology to build a high-dimensional virtual ecosystem that reflects the monitored industry and makes driving factors visible, which always have been there but never could be measured until today.

Next Generation Key Performance indicators (KPIs)

The IFDAQ opens the next level of intelligent KPIs for fashion & industry and is an answer to the huge gap of missing information that infamously renders the industry unpredictable.

Predictive analytics and unprecedented in-depth insights into the dynamics of the industry are delivered with robust and novel scientific KPIs to the most salient currency in fashion & luxury: market power, influence, and reputation.

Thanks to this technological achievement, the client gets access to the performance for its marketing, advertising, social & media, brand influence, trend or ROI strength, and gains the ability to decrease risks in new strategies, reduce costs, improve productivity and resources, and finally, to obtain the best results for their investments.

Apart from being a complement for existing business data, the new data generated by the IFDAQ entails high value for the customer's business intelligence and marketing and consulting departments, by offering a high quality, accurate picture of key processes that are crucial for a successful revenue increase and for a company's return on investment.


The IFDAQ replaces expensive and time-consuming market and company reports with an All-In-One solution that covers the entire fashion & luxury industry within the reach of a click.

With its unique KPIs, the Intel-powered AI-system offers an assemblage of important functions that makes it valuable as a Global Decision Maker with the following proven and effective use cases:

Real-time Market and Brand Risks and Chances Audit Analysis, Forecast and Planning for Marketing and Advertising Campaigns Competitive Intelligence & Development Return-On-Investment Prediction/Audit for Marketing & Social Media Industry & Market Segment Development/Forecasting Real-Time and Transparent Industry Monitoring Market Segment, Industry and Trend Analysis (including key market segment identification) Brand Influence, Reputation and Advertising Value Campaign Maker, Planner & Analysis (including Budget Control/ROI) Casting & Scouting Intelligence (including Influencer Spotter) Turnover, Reputation and Credit Risk Evaluation Geographical Market Analysis

Backed by one of the most renowned experts pool, the Fashion Intelligence Unit, the IFDAQs AI power is also provided as supervised consulting services and as Research as a Service (“RaaS”) for big brands to replace expensive research departments and to help them reach the next level of performance.