Holovis is a digital creator and innovator of next-generation immersive, interactive and multisensory technologies.

The technology experience designer specialises in immersive, multisensory and interactive solutions utilising emerging technologies, complex AV configurations, computer vision technologies and machine learning.

The company has a unique cross sector capability that spans the Entertainment and Enterprise sectors.

For themed entertainment destinations, including theme parks, museums, cultural centres and visitor attractions, Holovis extends and enhances the guest experience by bringing personalised adventures and unique engagements to mass entertainment environments.

For enterprise, Holovis develops tools that solve complex industrial challenges and bring big data to life. Solutions flow across the entire product lifecycle ensuring real-time visibility from product design and development to advanced engineering, virtual manufacturing, training, maintenance and retail.

The company delivers projects as turnkey solutions encompassing bespoke media, proprietary software, engineering design and installation and data insights and has global Innovation Hubs and Demonstration Campuses in the UK, USA and Asia.


Holovis designs and delivers proprietary software platforms that use AI and Machine Learning algorithms to solve specific challenges related to its primary industries.

In 2019 Holovis launched HoloTrac, a proprietary software platform powered by computer vision technologies, integrated with complex sensor arrays and all underpinned with AI driven data analytics. Features include attribute recognition and spatial positioning, interactive technologies such as gesture and vocal and emerging platforms such as Augmented Reality.

In both the Entertainment and Enterprise settings, HoloTrac turns passive built environments into smart interactive spaces that can be user optimised in real-time.

For themed entertainment, Holovis uses AI to extend and enhance the guest experience through personalised experiences. Using invisible tracking technologies, guests can engage in individual adventures driven by the unique decisions they make, their level of engagement and the paths they choose to take.

Behind the scenes, this optimises security and daily operations, giving operators real-time insight to make quick decisions.

For enterprise, this includes applications to drive Industry 4.0 for virtual manufacturing and advanced engineering. These solutions increase the right first time ratio, save time and money and aid predictive maintenance.