Hi Technologies is a Health Tech company whose mission is to humanize and reinvent medical technology. Aiming to improve the experiences of patients and healthcare professionals, we have developed the Hilab, a portable device for rapid blood tests, the smallest laboratory in the world, that gives the results in 15 minutes only.

Innovation, design, portability and scalability are values that we cherish in everything we do.

For the execution of the blood tests we developed an Artificial Intelligence that helps our biomedics to analyze and give the right results of the exams. The A.I also learns with the biomedics, to ensure a more precise and fast result.

Hilab is present in the largest networks of pharmacies and drugstores all over Brazil.


Using only a few drops a blood from a fingertip, the Hilab device can perform lab tests for pharmacies, clinics, doctors' offices and other health establishments in Brazil. Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Hilab can execute tests within a few minutes, anytime and anywhere.

Hilab device