Gestoos is a computer vision Artificial Intelligence solution that understands and responds to natural human behavior, from explicit hand gestures to implicit expressions and movement.

It enables very high precision tracking of any shape, object and understands motion. It allows users to interact naturally with any device, software solution or application.

Gestoos Artificial Intelligence analyzes the sequence of actions and the context, by combining scene understanding with incremental learning, Gestoos becomes the brains behind cameras on the everyday object.

Gestoos Detection examples


Gestoos gives you powerful tools to create rich gesture control and behavior recognition applications. Gestoos is the only software that has a proven methodology to achieve 100% robustness using real time data and incremental learning.

The Gestoos Developer Program provides you with the tools, data training capabilities, and resources to build rich gesture interaction across the environments where we live. From the home to the car to the airport terminal, our SDKs provide you the means not only to enable a new way for humans to engage with their surroundings but also to use the power of data to analyze and interact with users.

Gestoos AI Patented Technology in collaboration with Intel AI technology allows your application to:

Detection of any combination of shape + movement

Recognition of human gestures as commands (pro-active)

Fingertip recognition and localization

Intuitive menu interaction and virtual “click”

Off-axis pointing (line of sight)

Tracking user position (direction, speed)

Multi-user movement tracking

Facial expressions and head tracking

Obtaining users’ silhouettes (and determining body position)

Activity and behavior monitoring (reactive)