Founded by ex-Oracle & ex-IBM data enthusiasts in 2011, FORMCEPT serves Fortune 1000 companies across Banking, Insurance, Energy, Healthcare, Retail, etc. with its flagship product 'MECBot' – the #1 Augmented Data Management Platform for Real-Time Analytics.

MECBot is a one-of-its-kind augmented analytics product that deploys FORMCEPT’s patented datafolding algorithm and enables smart data discovery, pattern recognition, free-form search in natural language & configures AI, ML, DL & Graph based algorithms that can scale dynamically & utilize hardware efficiently – all of this with zero coding.

FORMCEPT’s vision is to make “Dark Data” extinct with MECBot by radically reducing the analysis life-cycle and time-to-market by turbo-charging existing data infrastructure. MECBot is trusted by reputed organizations like FIS Global, ESPNcricinfo, ChargePoint, Nielsen, Monster, etc.

With MECBot, insight is a continuum, not an occasion.

Value Propositions:

  1. CEOs & CMOs are challenged by delayed & inaccurate insights, leading to faulty decisions. MECBot generates smart dashboards that are constantly hydrated with new insights such that business outcomes are augmented in weeks, not months or years.

  2. CIOs & CTOs incur huge technical debt owing to expensive resources & infrastructure which cannot scale dynamically. MECBot’s configuration enables dynamic & elastic scaling. Cool features like Version Control, Lineage, Teleporting, Master Data Management and Metadata Management eliminate expensive resources.

  3. Data Scientists & Analysts encounter massive pre-processing lag. Moreover, data is largely unstructured & scattered. MECBot reduces data pre-processing time by 80% & unifies structured & unstructured data into a semantically enriched knowledge graph contextualized with powerful knowledge bases.


Simplicity: Sets up the application with just a few clicks. Get results from day 1.

Speed: Matches your decision speed to the pace of original data generation, powered by Intel AI Stack.

Scale: Performs elastic scaling based on needs.

Security: Provides banking grade security & role-specific access to the platform.