Finch Soluções offers a unique platform of technologies, software and services that transform routines and manual activities into systems capable of leveraging business competitiveness, with significant productivity and performance gains in excess of 35%, cutting direct operational costs for companies, law firms, or legal/administrative/business departments.

Finch turns information into highly relevant knowledge, enabling organizations to create strategies that can significantly change their entire context. In addition, our solutions allow organizations to focus on strategic activities, and leave the administrative and bureaucratic operations to us.

The value Finch adds by digitally transforming its clients translates into lower costs, less risk, fewer errors, and greater efficiency and productivity. Those results come from two major differentiating features: Finch’s algorithms are agnostic with respect to the language, and highly accurate with large volumes of data. That makes them applicable anywhere in the world.

The other feature is the ability to orchestrate the use of artificial intelligence with human labor to train the algorithms. Finch is able to seamlessly optimize workflow processes that involve people, automation, and artificial intelligence with KPIs, while abiding by each client’s business rules.

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Finch offers a unique integrated platform composed of Business Process Management (BPM), Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence, enabling comprehensive end-to-end process management, optimizing workflows, with significant productivity gains. Solutions can be purchased separately or integrated into a system, such as: Finch Catcher, Finch Log, Finch Flag, Finch Background Analysis, Finch Analytics, Finch Expert, Finch Update, Finch Legal Flow, Finch Saver, Finch Notary, Finch Proxy, Finch Contract Manager, Finch Flow Manager, Finch Services, and Finch Expert for economic and asset sectors.

Our tools make it possible to read, interpret, and classify any type of document. Starting from there, all back-office tasks can be automated, from a simple filing to the most complex procedure. Based on data structuring, our tools also help with decision-making using predictive models. In other words, with the Finch platform, there are countless possibilities for applying technology to businesses, from security to faster automation of the back office to artificial intelligence for identifying trends.