EasySend transforms paperwork-based processes in insurance, banking, and financial services into engaging digital journeys that your customers will love, and so will your operations team!

The no-code EasySend platform makes it quick and simple to transform manual documents - and paperwork-based processes - into user-friendly, beautifully designed digital journeys available on any device. 

All EasySend processes:

Are optimized for multi-channel / multi-platform use (iOS, Android, all laptop browsers) Can seamlessly integrate with any data management system Enable fast time to market of new digital products in days, not months

With EasySend you can:

IMPROVE end-user experience by simplifying the process & enabling multi-channel accessibility STREAMLINE operational efficiency & reduce customer engagement costs by virtually eliminating forms with missing/mistaken/unclear information while seamlessly integrating with the appropriate company data management system; CREATE innovative new products & services and/or convert to digital processes within days instead of months!

All this is made possible by utilizing Intel-based CPU's in the production environment for running inference of our machine learning algorithms. Intel empowers EasySend to seamlessly run our deep neural network in the cloud, and scale according to workload.

Join over 40 wealth management enterprises, banks, and insurance companies that have already transformed their customer-facing processes (onboarding, loan applications, etc.) into 100% digital customer experiences.


Services and How ES uses Intel AI

No-code and AI – How EasySend’s Kadabra tool is speeding up digital transformation

EasySend’s Kaddabra builder enables users to upload their PDF document to the EasySend platform and quickly convert them into interactive user journeys in mere minutes and with minimal effort on the part of the user.

EasySend’s Kadabra leverages an innovative combination of computer vision, machine learning, and deep-learning technologies to enable the user to interact with the easy-to-use Kadabra automated wizard tool that leads the step-by-step process of converting the PDF into a digital process without any coding required.

While the EasySend solution uses AI capabilities, it still intentionally retains the ability for human intervention. This enables a user to modify the original PDF as it is being digitalized – but again, with no need for technical or coding knowledge – or to just provide oversight and guidance to ensure that the final output is indeed as intended. This makes the Kadabra builder smart, easy-to-se, flexible, and quick, all essential capabilities for hastening digital transformation.

Kadabra makes good use of Intel-based CPU's in the production environment for running inference of our machine learning algorithm to seamlessly run our deep neural network in our cloud environment, and easily scale according to workload.