Dianei Technology is an innovative medical artificial intelligence enterprise in precision medicine established in April 2016 in Shanghai,dedicated to making early and personalized diagnosis and treatment accessible to each patient. The company’s core technical team member including the Sigma Xi Society member and machine learning experts. And the core management team comes from world’s top 10 healthcare companies. Dianei is aim at providing integrated solutions for tumor diagnosis and treatment by leveraging cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, combining deep learning with big data of multi-omics including radiology, pathology, proteomics, immunology, metabonomic, etc.

The products and solutions have been developed for different scenarios such as screening, clinical and new drug development in lung cancer field, involving early screening of lung cancer, benign and malignant determination, preoperative planning and postoperative follow-up, companion diagnostics of targeted drugs and immune drugs, and evaluation of therapeutic effect of new drug research and development clinical trials. In the future, we will also apply core technology and products to other tumor diseases, and strive to build a leading AI solution for the full management of cancer in China and even in the world, helping doctors and patients improve the efficiency and quality of diagnosis and treatment, transforming patient care with the power of AI.


"Feianhao" - Intelligent Recognition Engine

Dianei "Feianhao" Intelligent Recognition Engine is trained on massive lung CT data annotated by radiologists in the top lung cancer specialized hospitals in China by using cutting-edge deep learning technology. Through accurately detecting suspicious nodule, analyzing benign and malignant and invasiveness prediction, this system provides radiologists the assistance they need to manage ever growing workloads and improve diagnostic efficiency and accuracy, without sacrificing quality.

"Feianhao" - Expert online consultation platform

The platform provides dozens of expert doctors including radiologist, thoracic surgeons, respiratory experts for users to conduct consultation for lung disease cases. The user can upload lung CT image file to get AI and expert doctor’s advisement in a short time. This platform is aim at solving the problem of uneven distribution of high-quality medical resources in China.

Multi-omics evaluation and prediction of immune efficacy of lung cancer solution

Combining the power of artificial intelligence with muti-omics big data to develop an integrated solution to deliver superior data analytics and clinical support recommendations, this solution assists oncologists in faster, higher quality personalized therapy design and drug selection, inhibiting disease progression and improving patient quality of life and outcome.