CorporateHealth International (CHI) provides services to build and deliver tele-endoscopy investigations of the lower gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Diseases of the GI from Crohn’s to colorectal cancer have some of the most harmful and widespread impact on the health of people as well as on the healthcare resources of a country.

To address these challenges, CHI leverages Video Capsule Endoscopy, a vitamin-pill-sized camera that visualizes the GI tract of the patient with minimal impact and combines it with telemedicine, remotely supporting patients. CHI’s tele-endoscopy service offering can keep patients out of the hospital or clinic and be diagnosed in their community. This decreases costs and enables large scale roll-outs.

While much of the work depends on the expertise of skilled professionals, CHI is also using advanced technological innovation, such as Machine Learning to create an AI-enabled Computer Aided Diagnostic tool. Such a system will dramatically increase the productivity of the experts involved and ultimately drive towards automated, high-quality tele-endoscopy.

Eventually, every person with a gastrointestinal disease should have the chance to get diagnosed early and people’s risk of colorectal cancer (CRC) accurately predicted without the need for highly invasive procedures.


Being more accurate than a stool-test and less invasive than a colonoscopy, tele-endoscopy also makes the introduction of artificial intelligence straightforward: Since the procedure is decoupled from the evaluation, the analysis of endoscopy videos can immediately benefit from improved efficiency and consistent accuracy of AI-enabled Computer Aided Diagnostic.

As a development and delivery company, CHI is uniquely positioned to advance the use of AI techniques in all of these domains: We are not just creating and using AI, we are also directly responsible to create the data necessary to train neural networks.

Put together, CHI makes it possible to deliver tele-endoscopy in multiple ways:

As an end-to-end managed service from the patient referral to the report to quickly and cost-effectively add endoscopy capacity

As modular solutions for video analysis (“reading”), patient management, and remote support to enable providers in their delivery

As clinical trial support to facilitate the exploration and validation of GI disease diagnostics and treatments

As support to healthcare system transformation programs moving diagnostics into primary care and/or introducing colorectal cancer screening programs