Cloudpick was founded in 2017 specialized in providing smart retail solutions with AI technologies. Building upon computer vision, deep learning and multi-sensor integration technologies, Cloudpick developed proprietary patented behavior recognition and product learning algorithm engine Cloudpick++, which is able to accurately identify product information and customer shopping behaviors, and provide "Grab & Go, cashier-free payment" smart retail experience to global customers. Cloudpick solution turned the traditional "Brick and Mortar" stores into highly digitized and intelligent cashier-free smart stores.

The core technical team comes from a variety background, including senior scientists and engineers from Silicon Valley, Alibaba, Tencent, Intel, etc. By 2019, Cloudpick has already established close to 100 stores in countries including United States, Canada, Japan, Korea and Singapore, etc.

Under the vision of "Creating a retail brain with the eyes of machines", the Cloudpick team is promoting the technical adoption of AI technology in the global retail industry, and utilizing the retail brain data platform to contribute towards the evolution of traditional retail, and building the stores of the future.


Utilizing world-leading AI technology, Cloudpick is helping retailers around the world turn the traditional "Brick and Mortar" stores into highly digitized and intelligent cashier-free smart stores.

Building upon computer vision, sensor fusion and deep learning technologies, Cloudpick solves the problem of staff shortage in the stores and handover the repeating checkout duty to AI, which accelerates transaction even during the busiest hours while at the same time offering customers a true "Grab & Go" experience. The cashier-free checkout allows convenience stores to extend business hours and ensures that customers can shop at any given time of the day or night.

Cloudpick solution also provides retailer with smart store management system that enables one-click control and management from mobile terminal, making store management fun and easy. Cloudpick Manager app allows store management to view real-time orders, merchandise, and customer purchase information on mobile phones or tablets; keep track of store status anywhere and anytime; and enables real-time replenishment with greater operational efficiency.